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taken up the issue had governor romney done so. and, of course, that's history. no sense mopping yarborough's with it here tonight to but the fact is here is some much there that the national media has not gone after that the republican party has not gone after. this white house has refused to be straightforward. obviously running of the clock is the expression. >> right. lou: and one of the few things that is transparent about this. >> look. even with the press corps this week with the president on this, there was no attempt to really get to the bottom of this the closst question was something along the lines of do you think you should have known before the election that, you know, about petraeus? well, tha presumes the white house line which is that he did not know. the things the president chose not to know before the election is mind-boggling. and so they kept it from the public because it was convenient >> and another travesty here, you have these female members of congress that are calling the fact that we are going after the un ambassador because she is a womaof color, and
of people like governor bobby jindal and others leapt to criticize what romney said. he said no, first of all we respect voters. we respect the decisions they make. secondly, that these programs are not gifts. and i think this is important. because one of the core arguments for the republican party this campaign was you guy you got big government and all the people are dependent on and and we should-- the idea was people are dependent on government are getting either some il legitimate things. but pushing back on romney, the undertone of what jindal and others have said is that no, government programs that help people succeed, help them rise, those are not il legitimate. those are ledge hit-- legitimate things. and i think it represents or potentially represents a way for the republican party to slightly alter their attitude about government from the crude position that all government programs are bad to a more nuanced position that some programs actually do help people and we appreciate those programs. and so i do think it is the beginning of a shifting in the party. at least potentia
governor romney was giving them no credit for. i also think it really confuses pandering and catering to voters with how-- with substantive policymaking. governor romney will, for example, what the president did on giving of the children of illegal immigrants a way of staying in the country. and just saw it as a gimme, gift, bribe to the hispanic community. i look at t i think david probably looks at it too and thinks it is good policy, humane policy. >> woodruff: well, it's something that certainly is giving folks something to chew on for the next few days. but quickly, david, on the fiscal cliff which ruth raised a minute ago, there was some positive noise coming out of the congressional leadership today after the meeting in the white house. does it look like they could actually agree? >> i remain a pessimist on this one. you know, i do think the republicans are in a tough spot. the public is against them on raising taxes on the rich. the way the fiscal cliff is structured, they're at a severe disadvantage. they're in a spot and showing flexibility. they just lost an election. nonet
it didn't elect governor romney, but they had a huge influence on the race and the next elections. >> i've heard so many people say since the election, this proves that big money didn't make that much of a difference because it was sort of a wash. >> i think there are a couple of ways that actually made a big difference this year. the first one which is counterintuitive is it may have actually badly injured romney and the reason for that is after citizens united you had these so-called candidate super pacs and in the republican primaries last spring you had romney who was widely the leader and assumed to have it wrapped up and then you had two other candidates who came up and had millions of dollars spent on their behalf by super pacs and kept the race open. they were the gingrich candidacy and his super pac and the santorum one. what it meant was that instead of wrapping thins up in february, romney waited, had all of these primaries where he was attacked and he ended up the primary season somewhat wounded because these republican super pacs had run really vicious ads against them and
are not after that. this is a scandal that grows in your opinion? or not? >> you know, i endorsed governor romney. but i would like now to the new administration could start without avoidable controversy. but the information was known at a high-level, it is a matter that the countries want to look into. on the whole, i would like to focus on the future. to not have beginning of administration. that would be my attitude. this evidence developed of the major capacity, there will be consequences. neil: we are going to take a quick break. the middle east and israel. you have hamas, you have a rom, here we go again. all eyes, right here. this is our year. i thought it was last year... turns out i was wrong. none of us would walk in here and settle. that's how we are! i forgot what i was going to say. patrick, i want 100% commitment! cause i care man, ok? who are we!? 49ers! 49ers! 49ers! yeah! [ all cheering ] what the heck is going on in here? sorry coach, i just got a little carried away. alright, i think we're good. [ morgan ] for a chance to be in a locker room on game da
know, i endorsed governor romney. but i would like now to the new administration could start without avoidable controversy. but the information was known at a high-level, it is a matter that the countries want to look into. on the whole, i would like to focus on the future. to not have beginning of administration. that would be my attitude. this evidence developed of the major capacity, there will be consequences. neil: we are going to take a quick break. the middleast and israel. you have hamas, you have a rom, you have hamas, you have a rom, here we go again. pick your [bleep] up. you're not [bleep] sittin' here. yes, i am. [laughter] move. move. [laughter/indistinct chatter] bully: give it to him hard. no, no, no, oww. announcer: every day, kids witness bullying... boy: why are you stabbing me with it? no! announcer: they want to help, but don't know how. no! oww. ohh, you guys... announcer: teach your kids how to be more than a bystander. visit >> announcer: you never know when, but thieves can stea your identity and turn youlife upside down. >> hi. >> hi. you k
governor romney had to say about the president's policies towards hispanics and young people and women, they were all just gifts as if they were somehow he bought their votes. the toughest comments came from republicans, not democrats. you mentioned bobby jindal, governor of louisiana, scott walker, governor of wisconsin. they'll be guests on our show and this is part of their of the to break with romney, to break with the defeat of november of 2012 and try to reposition the party as something that is more gentle, more favorable, more approachable to a lot of the groups out there who voted in large numbers against republicans in this election. >> we will see you guys this sunday at 9:30 for fox news sunday. >>> coming up next looking to make some cash? house slipping is back and d.c. is a prime spot. >> and in minutes a new way to enjoy the city's nightlife in style. we'll check out the d.c. hopper next on the news edge. alright let's break it down. mom, pop it. ♪ two inches apart, becky. two inches. t-minus nine minutes. [ ding ] [ female announcer ] pillsbury cinnamon rolls. let th
there on the map. most of the states, red states that went for governor mitt romney. so far seven of the states warranting a response from the white house. >> so a lot of unhappy people. you spoke with a member of the texas nationalist movement. i mean, how serious are they about this? what is their complaint. >> talk to the texas nationalist movement. they think it's a very legitimate reason to secede. over the last 100 years, i should say, that the united states has strayed from the constitution, that this should be a federation of sovereign states, and they feel that texas can sustain itself on its own. it has the 15th largest economy in the world, randi, have its own defense, texas national guard, and they just feel that they are in a position to sustain themselves. the texas nationalist movement has been at this since the mid-'90s and the person i spoke with, dave monday, nothing to do with his personal dislike for president barack obama. this organization has been at it since the mid-'90s. he joined when george w. bush was in office. this is more than just a red versus blue thing. this is
conversation today at 12:00 noon. we're going to talk about this week's excuses. governor romney offered for losing the election and two presidents who've inspired governor pataki in the way they respond to the crisis. in >>> in a moment what were the leading ladies in the general petraeus scandal doing in the white house? you're watching "weekends with alex witt." ♪ i'd like to thank eating right, whole grain, multigrain cheerios! mom, are those my jeans? [ female announcer ] people who choose more whole grain tend to weigh less than those who don't. multigrain cheerios campbell's has 24 new soups that will make it drop over, and over again. ♪ from jammin' jerk chicken, to creamy gouda bisque. see what's new from campbell's. it's amazing what soup can do. a wit takes some't just happen. see what's new from campbell's. some coordinating. and a trip to the one place with the new ideas that help us pull it all together. from the things that hang and shine... the things that sparkle and jingle. all while saving the things that go in our wallet. more saving. more doing. th
away from romney's gift language like new mexico governor who said that unfortunately is what sets us back as a party. our comments that are not thought through carefully or marco rubio who told politico i don't want to rebut him point by point but i want to say to you we have millions of people in this country that don't want to work. i'm not saying that's what he said. i think we have millions of people that are out of work and dependent on the government because they can't find a job. and chris christie had this to say on "morning joe" just today. >> i voted for mitt romney, but the bottom line is we lost so now what we need to do as leaders of our party is pivot and get back to our jobs. if we do our jobs well people will put us back into office. >> is it time for mitt romney to move on and stop having conference calls? >> that's up to him. mitt romney is a friend of mine. i understand he's very upset about having lost the disappointment. >> it's not helpful. >> of course not but he's a good man but he'll find his level. and i think it's still a little raw. so do i wish he hadn't
at this point or were they just as you'd expect? >> you know, i think governor romney did obviously not quite mean them the way they've been sort of -- they've gone viral. in a way they're expected because covering governor romney, his press corps became accustomed to his gaffes and he could not quite say exactly what he meant or he would maybe be a little too honest behind closed doors. in that sense we've experienced a lot of these gaffes. i don't think he was sort of saying what is being so cynically interpreted as the president was using policy for politics. i think he's a data-driven guy. he was really struggling to explain why he lost and saying look, this is one of the reasons. >> okay, ashley parker, dana milbank, good to see you both. thank you. >>> the new movie that shows the extreme way the planet is changing. you're going hear from the director coming up. you're watching "weekends with alex witt." stay with us. [ male announcer ] when it comes to the financial obstacles military families face, we understand. at usaa, we know military life is different. we've been there. that's wh
27% supported governor mitt romney. mike emmanuel is live in d.c tell us what's now behind the achieve act. >> two retiring u.s. senators and a senate republican rising star, kay bailey hutchison of texas, jon kile from arizona, and florida's marco rubio for hutchison and kyle, they're leaving at the end of the year, so they'd love to push this across the finish line. this would give the children of illegal immigrants legal status with visas and if they do all the right things, eventually a shot at citizenship. but unlike the dream act, this doesn't allow the young people to jump ahead of those who would like to be legal immigrants. >> i think it strikes a balance because there is a concern, there is people who have been waiting in line for ten years and waiting to come into this country and so i think this strikes that balance. so now these children will be able to go to college. will be able to join the military and then after that, get a work visa for four years. >> republicans note president obama's executive action, the dream act, is only temporary and many think this
, and more than one. it was interesting that the republican governors happened to be meeting this week in las vegas when this news about the interesting comments that romney made to his donors that we just saw and the republican governors, bobby jindal of louisiana did not miss five seconds before they really denounced what romney was saying. the republicans have a lot of things to think about, not of which is their growing problem with hispanic voters. that is the big growing group in this country. republicans are still largely a party of white people and older white people. that group is getting smaller and smaller. they haven't figured out what to do yet, but they do know that talking about the people who vote against you, whether it be the 47% or they just like to get gifts is not the best way to get started. >> so, chuck, your president obama now and you have a second term. what is at the top of his agenda? how does he prioritize what he is going to do? >> first, obviously, the fiscal cliff that you're talking about is the big thing on his plate right now. it will determine so much what
exchange. >> both president obama and governor romney's camps put out there that their plans could feasibly create 12 million jobs over the next four years. my colleague ali velshi has been hammering away at this, saying that math doesn't add up. it's tough to do that and see that happening. do you think that's at all realistic? >> people toss around numbers in cap pains. it's silly to say this will create 2 billion jobs or this will cost 8 billion jobs. they don't know. it will get them in the papers, get them on television, but what will create jobs in this country are the same things that have created for the last 200-plus years. the american economy works very well. we went through one of the great financial panics of all time. and we have been coming back from that, and we'll continue to come back from that. but it doesn't happen in a week or a month when you have this sort of cataclysmic panic we had, really, particularly in the financial world. but it was housing induced bubbling that popped. >> looking at the economy as it stands right now and looking at what we're facing, is it at
of romney's fellow republicans including louisiana governor bobby jindal. thanks very much for joining us. >> thank you, wolf. great to be back on the air with you. >> let me play a little clip of what he said to some of his big donors that's causing quite an uproar. here's mitt romney. listen to this. >> what the president, the president's campaign did was focus on certain members of his base coalition, give them extraordinary financial gifts from the government, and then work very aggressively to turn them out to vote. >> now, that's caused a lot of uproar. gifts that the president gave. i guess the implication is was he bribing some of the coalition, minorities, hispanics. bribing young women with all sorts of, quote, gifts. what do you make of that? >> wolf, this is completely unhelpful. this is not where the republican party needs to go. we want -- if you want voters to like you, the first thing you have got to do is like them first. it is certainly not helpful to tell voters that you think their votes were bought. that's not a way to show them you respect them, you like them. we nee
what governor romney's facebook page looked like. that's how i found out about facebook. and, you know, like two months later i log back on because it gotten hacked in to. i found i 18 friend from game grammar school looking for me and farmville. >> right. >> we didn't have twitter. i remember calling up a guy before i worked for romney i worked for boehner in the majority leader officer, i called up the digital guy tell me about twitter. how it's going work. he said you don't need to know it. it's not a big thing. here we're now, i notice during the campaign so much of what we did was driven from the bottom up through twitter. and -- even when i was on the plane. we would do the different gaggle. she would do it on a bigger plane. air force one. we call pear force one. i would got back of the plane and gaggle for fifteen or twint minutes. by the time i would come back i would come back on twitter and say it made news. >> people responded and taked you on twitter. >> when you say people you don't mean people you mean reporters. >> or people. [laughter] reporters are not people. >> that
republicans are backing away from romney's gift language like new mexico governor susana martinez who said, quote, that unfortunately is what sets us back as a party, our comments that are not thought through carefully. or take marco rubio who told politico, i don't want to rebut him point by point. i would just say to you, i don't believe that we have millions and millions of people in this country that don't want to work. i'm not saying that's what he said. i think we have millions of people in this country that are out of work and are dependent on the government because they can't find a job. that was carefully carved. and then there's chris christie, the governor of new jersey, who had this to say on "morning joe" just today. >> i voted for mitt romney, but the bottom line is we lost. and so now what we need to do as leaders of our party is pivot and get back to our jobs. and if we do our jobs well, people will put us back into office and if we don't, they won't. >> is it time for mitt romney to move on and stop having conference calls? >> that's up to him. i mean, listen, mitt romney
why the republican party lost. >> i agree with you. there are now 30 states with republican governors. had romney won each of those states, that's 315 electoral votes. they have to modernize. it's not a case of for or against illegal immigration. it's about straightening out this mess. romney the efficiency expert could have straight thaend out, created an orderly system where we take people in, people don't have to hide in the shadows and people can be put to work and get some sort of documentation. that's what they need to do. >> igor, let me go to you. let me go back to the economic message. romney tried to run as a free enterpriser but he didn't talk about supply side tax cuts much with the exception of the first debate, which he won nicely, and that i thought was his single best defense of free market capitalism and lower taxes and lower spending. but i think barack obama was pretty clever. he basically said blame george w. bush, which the exit polls said people did, and the economy, give me more time. romney won the economic issues, igor, but he didn't win it by that much. so i
. chastising the defeated governor romney for his gifts comments, check. calling on republicans to stop being the stupid party of dumbed down conservatism and encouraging them to reach out to a broader base. check. not bad for the national stage, bobby. but what about your own backyard? those louisianians without health insurance could benefit from the medicaid expansion that president obama's affordable care act would provide because in louisiana, more than 68% of those medicaid recipients are poor children. but you'd much rather lead 15 other states in massive resistance against so-called big government and tell your constituents good luck in the private sector. speaking of the private sector, seems like you'd also like to sell off our kids' education to the highest bidder. that educational voucher system you established the largest one in the country that gives vouchers to religious schools that teach creationism and allows them to keep their state funding even if their students fail basic reading and math tests, that one? we're not fooled. this is not about reform. it is about as the inte
to be the party of personal responsibility. so i can understand why governor jindal was none too pleased with mitt romney's assessment. >> and maria, what about you? mitt romney, he got in trouble after the tape that was leaked of him talking to the donors last spring about the 47% who were in the bag for obama. he apologized for saying that, but then you have something like this. what do you think? >> exactly. and this is exactly why he lost, randi. these comments are absolutely pathetic. and they demonstrate mitt romney's lack of an understanding of who we are as a country, of the demographics of this country, of the contributions that all of these demographics make to this country, and frankly, of his disdain for probably 47% or more of the country. and so i'm glad that republicans are standing up to him, because i think republicans understand that they are standing on the cliff of political oblivion. if they don't do what's necessary to reach out to the demographics that look like america today and whether that is latinos, whether that's african-americans, they need to be talking about policie
in the world. this is something we might expect from a governor romney. we should demand that president obama stepped up to the plate and have the united states ratified that tax. as far as larry onto the gasoline tax, that is administratively no big deal. the big zero oil companies -- as far as layering on to the gasoline tax, that is administratively no big deal. the big oil companies will be able to do that. involve any extra administration -- it will not involve any extra administrative costs at the top. gasoline taxes pay for the interstates and other federal highways and was increase in 1993. with inflation, that gasoline tax is down from half of this value from two decades ago. that is a reason to be increasing taxes on fossil fuel. host: when it comes to emissions, a phrase we have heard is called cap and trade. it was debated here on capitol hill. what is the difference between what you are proposing and cap and trade? guest: it is a big difference. let's not get into the weeds. the details are stupefying. the major environmental groups in the united states, the ones that should be l
of governor romney about obama throwing israel under the bus and the ravings of the republican jewish coalition and other elements of the jewish community, when push comes to shove, the obama administration stood by israel. >> we'll discuss gaza tomorrow. there's been asymmetry in the moral intent has been to go after civilians stated aim of the idf is to avoid civilians. in the actual death toll, we're seeing more civilian lives in gaza dead than israelis. i want to make sure people are aware of that. we'll talk about this much more tomorrow, joy. >> we now know that the beltway sort of means that there was a lack of african-american enthusiasm to re-elect the president was a myth. african-americans voted in the same or larger numbers in '08 in almost every one of the key swing states. we also know of this week that of the destructive dangerous technology tied to the exattractive energies are actually built in african-american communities. the community is very energized to continue its activism into the second temple. i think the african-american community, especially black churches
did wisconsin and so did texas. the republican governors are showing, you don't have to roll over because the president won a narrow victory over mitt romney. it is not a wipeout. it's a 400,000 vote switch, mitt romney is the president-elect. so i think the republicans are going to start communicating with their leadership that, hey, go ahead and talk. do a deal. if you can fix medicare and medicaid, by all mean it's. >> sean: bob woodward's described with the nicorette summit that john boehner was willing to go a lot further than he was saying publicly. if he does this, what do you think the result will be? >> well, i think you are going to have this on top of the obamacare tax, which is coming-- >>> politically. >> politically -- he will get re-elected? >> let me be more specific. >> yes! i think you will see in the recruitment of canned dairkts the resurgence of the tea party, if the deal is understood not to be any particular thing other than wrong. if it's wrong. if it is not a good deal. if they don't get good spending cuts and fiscal discipline, they will be punished. rein
Search Results 0 to 49 of about 64 (some duplicates have been removed)